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We are constantly searching for new contributors here at Testedhempoil.com; if you are an aspiring writer or even a seasoned one who is seeking somewhere on the internet to display their work, then why not give us a shot? Testedhempoil.com’s Community is interested in hearing from you if you have an article that they might find interesting.

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A Few of the Many Reasons You Should Blog for Us

  • Gain unrestricted exposure for your website or blog with this opportunity.
  • Join our vibrant and expanding community now.
  • Contribute your knowledge to the European Cannabis Community by sharing your experiences.

What Do You Acquire In Exchange For Your Time?

  • You will receive several benefits, the most important of which is exposure, in exchange for your contributions to our blog.
  • A link to the author’s website in the author bio of each post they create, as well as credit for the posts they create.
  • A short biography, a profile picture, and a link to the author’s website should be included underneath each of their pieces.
  • Promotions of their articles on the Testedhempoil.com Newsletter on a weekly to biweekly basis, depending on the frequency chosen.
  • This is a fantastic opportunity for you, whether your goal is to establish a reputation for yourself in the industry or to increase the amount of interest in, and traffic to, your blog.


  • We would want to assist in promoting you as the author of your piece and would like to provide you the ability to place a byline or signature on any articles that you make. This area is not available for use as an advertising spot. Within the Testedhempoil.com Community, we want you to introduce yourself to others and tell them about the work that you perform there.
  • Authors will have the opportunity to have a bio included underneath their articles, which will include connections to the authors’ websites. We permit up to two links, but they cannot be affiliate links or connect to trash sites that exist exclusively to advertise affiliate links, multi-level marketing sites, or pornographic content websites.
  • We do not charge a fee for the publication of articles, nor do we compensate contributors for the content they contribute.
  • Each article may be used once, and only once, before being discarded. You are not permitted to replicate the content on your blog or any other article websites that you frequent. This activity is detrimental to the blog, but having numerous copies of the same article is problematic since it results in duplicate material.
  • The authors are not allowed to include links to their blogs in the articles. You are required to provide credit to the original authors of any news or articles that you reference from the work of other bloggers; however, we will not permit connections back to your blogs. Because of this regulation, the practice of creating meaningless posts with the express goal of promoting another website is prohibited.
  • The maximum width for an image that you upload to be used in a post is 550 pixels. In addition, any photos included must be either the author’s work or ones that are in the public domain. It is required of you to provide correct attribution for any photos that you utilize. If you have any photographs to submit, please attach them.
  • It is required of authors to abide by laws of copyright and not violate the rights of others. This prohibits stealing the articles or other works created by other people in any way.

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